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you promised me starry night skies...*

they just remind me of your shining bright eyes...*

3 July

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friend.enemy.nice at times.lover.fighter.has passion.stong hearted.bold.funny.serious.hates sports.hates groups.loves family.loves friends.loves music.alcohol is addicting.loves making music.hates growing hair out.hates growing up.hates funerals.hates death.loves hugging and kissing.hates gravel.loves soild ground.hates the day.loves the night.hates ppl who stare.loves taking pictures.hates alot of questions.loves crying.loves being happy.listener.good friend.looker.seeker.believer.questioner.hates running.hates leaving.hates backstabbers.quiet at times.loud at others.loves seeing old friends.loves making new friends.loves the sun.hates the dark.hates the ocean.loves the stars,moon,sun,clouds.loves her kitty.hates kids.hates tennis shoes.loves sandals.hates too much rap.loves making trouble.hates getting caught.car crashes suck.the after effect sucks worse.lifes fragile.swearing is a bad habit.love is overrated.love is also perfect is so many ways.hates being brought down.loves compliments.doesnt fish for them.hates perverts.loves singing.loves sleeping all day.hates when woken up.loves waking up in warm arms.hates waking up alone.loves being held.loves holding hands.

loves most things about her life.hates being told how to live it.

Here in this diary...
I write you visions of my summer, It was the best I ever had. There were choruses and sing-alongs and not a spoken feeling. I'm knowing that right now is all that matters. All the nights we stayed up talking and listening to 80's songs, quoting lines from all those movies that we love. It still brings a smile to my face, I guess when it comes down to it...Being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up, These are the best days of our lives, The only thing that matters
is just following your heart and eventually you'll finally get it right...

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12 stones, acting like a dork, all american rejects, american eagle, being annoying, being hyper, being in love, being weird, bonfires, bowling for soup, bowling is ok, box car racer, brandon boyd, candles, candy, carebears, cheese, chevelle, chick flicks, christmas, concerts, country music, creed, cuddling, dancing, dashboard confessional, day-dreaming, degrassi, driving around, driving fast(no cops around), drowning pool, drummers, ducks, dummers, eating, eskimo kisses, fairs, fast food, finch, fishing, flowers, food, footloose, from autumn to ashes, fuel, funny movies, getting lost, going on road trips, good charlotte, green, green day, guys, halloween, hanging out, hanging with my couz(s), highschool, hockey, hollister, homestar runner, hong kong buffet, hoobastank, horses, hot tubs, hugs, ice cream, incubus, invader zim, ireland, jews, laughing, linkin park, long hugs, lord of the rings, lost prophets, matchbox twenty, memories, midgets, money$$$, monkeys, moulin rouge, movies period!, music, mxpx, my bed, my birthday, my car, my douche bag, my friends and family, my jeep, my kitty, my pet squirel, my puter, my vans, new found glory, oranges, outside work, pacsun, photography, pictures, pixy stix, playing video games, rainbows, readin, roller coasters, saunas, scaring ppl, scary movies, sean paul, shopping, simple plan, singing, sixpence none the richer, sixteen candles, sleeping, smiling, smirnoff, smoothies, snuggles/cuddles, soda, space, spending time with ppl, sponge bob, stars, strawberrys, sum 41, summer, switchfoot, system of a down, tacobell, taking pictures, taproot, tattoos, the ataris, the breakfast club, the color blue, the phone, the used, travis barker, trying to skateboard, tweaking out, valentines day, viva la bam, warm bathes, water bottles, wildboyz, working is ok, writing, yellowcard, youth group